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        WELCOME TO

        HEBEI BAOLI ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED.,Ltd is a modern enterprise specializes in Bridge Bearing, Bridge Expansion Joint, Seismic Devices, Rubber Waterstops, Rubber Dams, Geogrids...

        BAOLI group is located in Hengshui City High-tech Development Zone, founded in 1993, the current total building area are 960,000 square meters, more than 4,000 employees, including senior professional engineers and technicians 330, the annual production capacity can achieve RMB 4 billion. Hebei BAOLI Engineering Equipment Corporation Limited as the core enterprise of BAOLI group, is also a leading enterprise in Asia about the bridge bearings, bridge expansion joints, dampers and so on.

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        Elastomeric Bearing

        It consists of multi-layer rubber and thin steel sheet via vulcanization and adhesion.

        Spherical Bearing

        It is composed by top steel plate, stainless steel plates, PTFE plates, convex middle plate, base steel plate.


        The chief agencies of Shengda spread all over the country and have the technical support of the head office..


        HEBEI BAOLI ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializes in Bridge Bearing,Bridge Expansion Joint,Geogrids,HDPE Pipes,Rubber Fender.

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